Tiande Wine Therapy Facial Beauty Mask

Tiande Wine Therapy Facial Beauty Mask


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Wine is one of the most ancient drinks that was present in all times not only at feasts but on dressing tables too. Gorgeous ladies knew that it is has not only great taste but great impact on their beauty.

Feel yourself a real goddess, treat your skin with valuable ingredients derived from red wine. Wine Therapy Facial Beauty Mask contains resveratrol – ingredient found by scientists in red grape skins. Combined with other active ingredients of the mask, it stimulates collagen synthesis, reduces negative impact of free radicals onto skin cells and increases skin resilience.

Skin Triumph express restoration beauty mask will make your every appearance a real triumph!


Put the textile side of the mask onto the clean face with upward movements, gradually removing the opalescent cover. Remove the mask in 15-20 minutes, rinse the face with water or gently massage it until the product fully absorbs.