TianDe Vita Derm Soothing & Protecting Eye Cream

TianDe Vita Derm Soothing & Protecting Eye Cream


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Phyto-protection for the most sensitive zones!!

The skin around the eyes is naturally sensitive and vulnerable. Firstly, it is very thin and soft, and secondly, facial expressions also stress the skin around the eyes. Women put the makeup on and stretch their skin practically every day. This area needs regular daily care.

Soothing protective cream for the eyelids:
- prevents redness and swelling in the area around the eyelids
- helps retain moisture in the skin and smooth out wrinkles
- protects delicate skin from the negative effects of the surrounding environment

The Vita Derm protective cream contains an effective hydration complex containing four different forms of hyaluronic acid, a regenerative and soothing complex and the effective ingredients beta-glucan, panthenol and sodium hyaluronate. The product does not contain dyes and parabens.

Enjoy a fresh and young look every day!


Apply to the area around the eyes with a gentle tapping motion. Use in the morning and evening to increase the effect.