Tiande Taiga Eyesight Phytotea 21bags x 2g

Tiande Taiga Eyesight Phytotea 21bags x 2g


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Taiga Eyesight phytotea is a well of vitamins, micro-, and macroelements useful for the eyes. This beverage is 100% natural, flavoring agents and taste boosters free, with an amazing aroma and a lot of useful properties, and will be duly appreciated by everyone! It contains rare herbs, berries, and fruit from the very heart of the Siberian taiga.

Beneficial herbs included in the phytotea have been used from time immemorial in cases of eye diseases and eye fatigue, and age-related eyesight worsening. They operate as a complex and:
- help to improve visual acuity;
- stimulate metabolism;
- help to relieve eye fatigue and strain, including when working at a computer.

Practically all herbs included in the phytotea were collected in the Altai, one of the most environmentally safe places on the globe. They grew in the natural environment, far from industrial areas. The soil there has never been exploited for agricultural needs or worked on with the employment of fertilizers. Herbs preserve and give this beverage the maximum usefulness thanks to the modern raw material treatment technology.

Every box contains 21 filter bags in individual packages! Your favorite tea will be always with you now!


1 filter bag per 1 glass (200–250 ml) of hot water, and let the tea draw for 5–10 minutes. Take 2–3 times a day. Slight herb residue is possible.