Tiande Revitalizing Shampoo with Ginseng Root 200ml

Tiande Revitalizing Shampoo with Ginseng Root 200ml


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Is your scalp irritated? Has the hair lost its strength, shine and elasticity? It's time to start the process of regeneration.

The regenerating shampoo with ginseng root brings you the finest composition based on natural surfactants. It cleans very gently yet effectively and it does not overdry even very sensitive scalps, which makes it suitable for frequent use.

Thanks to its balanced composition, the regenerating shampoo:
- reduces irritation and burning of sensitive scalps
- reduces the loss of moisture from the scalp
- intensively nourishes the hair, helps it grow and strengthens it
- helps to regenerate the damaged hair structure along its entire length
- gives the hair a healthy shine, and your hair will be soft and will bend to your will

The product is ideal for severely damaged, weakened and coloured hair.

In each package, you will find a real ginseng root.


Apply to damp hair with massaging motions and then rinse.