Tiande Phytotea Taiga Shield

Tiande Phytotea Taiga Shield


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Purple coneflower helps to strengthen the body's natural defenses and immunity.
Ingredients: Meadowsweet herb, Purple coneflower herb, Rosebay willowherb herb, Common valerian rhizomes and roots, Calamus rhizomes and roots, Raspberry leaves, Common juniper fruits, Raspberry fruits.
1 pack contains (g/%): Meadowsweet herb 0,4 g/20%, Purple coneflower herb 0,4 g/20%, Rosebay willowherb herb 0,38 g/19%, Common valerian rhizomes and roots 0,2 g/10%, Calamus rhizomes and roots 0,2 g/10%, Raspberry leaves 0,2 g/10%, Common juniper fruits 0,2 g/10%, Raspberry fruits 0,02 g/1%
Does not contain dyes and flavorings.
Do not exceed recommended daily dosage. Food supplement does not replace a nutritious and balanced diet.
Warning: do not use in case of hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients.
Storage: keep in a temperature that does not exceed +25°C, in relative humidity of 75%, out of reach of children.


For adults pour a glass of boiling water (200 – 250 ml) over 1 tea bag, and leave for 5-10 minutes. Use once a day. Small residues of plant particles are allowed.