Tiande Panty Liners with Silver, Ultra Thin 20pcs

Tiande Panty Liners with Silver, Ultra Thin 20pcs


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Today, the active rhythm of life dictates its own rules for girls. Every new day not only brings new encounters, experiences and challenges, but it is often a test of self-confidence. FreshClick panty liners help you feel comfortable and confident in any circumstances and provide effective care for women's health.

- The silver microparticles contained in the special layer of the panty liners have a beneficial effect on microflora and prevent infections.
- The top layer made of cellulose, a natural non-woven material, allows the skin to breathe and prevents unpleasant humidity. You will feel nothing but softness and comfort throughout the day.
- The pad perfectly mimics the curves of a woman's body and does not even get in the way of a very active lifestyle - you can engage in sports, your usual activities, meet with friends, and do just about anything else. Your pad will always remain in place.
- Its compact size is suitable for all types of panties.


Suitable for everyday use.