Tiande Hemp Oil Body Lotion

Tiande Hemp Oil Body Lotion


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Provide your skin with real Mediterranean care, and experience the delicate scent and incredible softness of your body.

The body lotion from the luxury Cyprida line with its valuable hemp oil (known for its softening and rejuvenating effects), D-panthenol, and beeswax, is suitable for everyday use in care for skin of any type, including very dry and dehydrated skin.

It helps restore the hydrolipid balance in the skin and supports it after exposure to ultraviolet rays and dry air. It prevents premature ageing and provides the skin with elasticity and softness, giving it the perfect look.

Thanks to its fine texture, the body lotion is quickly absorbed and restores your skin to perfect condition.


Apply to the clean skin of the body with a circular motion. For the best results, apply the product after bathing. The product is suitable for everyday use.