TianDe Face & Body Lifting 3D Massager 1pc

TianDe Face & Body Lifting 3D Massager 1pc


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Provides high-quality face and body massage. The rollers of the massager delicately pick up and petrissage your muscle tissue and the skin, giving you pleasure and proving local microcirculation thanks to their small triangular facets.

Helps to work on the body in problematic areas (stomach, waist, inner shoulder, and thigh surfaces), prevents swelling and cellulitis, enhances disintegration of fatty deposits.

Helps to maintain facial skins firmness, to lift facial muscles, to correct the chin shape.

Improves absorption of cream applied immediately after its use.


Use: massage duration is 10-15 minutes. Massage your face and body along the massage lines without skin stretching. In the case of strong reddening or intensive pain, massage should be stopped.

Contraindications: don't use in case of irritated skin, dermatitis, if a cardiostimulator was installed, during your period, pregnancy,  in case of hemophilia, blood vessel damage, predisposition to high blood pressure, catching a cold, 24 hours before or after depilation

Self-life is not limited


Material: ABS plastic, galvanic chrome plating