Tiande Eyebrow Soap

Tiande Eyebrow Soap


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Well-groomed eyebrows create a lifting effect and open up the look. This product perfectly fixes the hairs throughout the day and at the same time cares for them, gives them elasticity, protects them from breakage and damage, and also creates a light effect of a natural shade.

It has a number of effects:
- models the shape of the eyebrows
- divides the hairs
- fixes even the most stubborn hairs
- creates a light effect of a natural shade
- brightens pigmented products applied before using soap
- increases the durability of eyebrow make-up

Ideal for unruly hairs, narrow arched eyebrows (soap will optically expand them) and dyed eyebrows.

It creates long-lasting styling with a lamination effect. The package includes a practical brush.


Apply fixing soap on the eyebrows.