Tiande Eye & Brow Liner, 1 pc, tone 1, grey

Tiande Eye & Brow Liner, 1 pc, tone 1, grey


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Graphic lines, smoky make-up, eyebrow shaping and the ideal shade? The automatic eye and eyebrow pencil from the Pro Visage line will help you create make-up using the most popular techniques.

Soft filling, ideal texture and candelilla wax fix make-up, and vitamin E gently cares for your skin.

- The strong pigment provides excellent coverage and allows you to draw precise lines.
- The soft texture is easily smudged with the applicator to create a smoky look.
- Suitable for applying to the contour between the eyelashes and for optically highlighting the look.
- Helps to adjust the shape of the eyebrows and create a fashionable make-up.
- The optimal thickness of the filling allows you to draw hairs of the correct width.
- Contains natural antioxidants (vitamin E) and is gentle on the skin.
- Contains natural wax, which makes it easy to apply and helps to structure and fix the hair.
- It’s easy to use and lasts all day.


Color your brows with the pencil, shading the skin between the hairs as you go. Regulate color intensity by pressing on the lead to make it stronger or weaker.