TianDe Double-sided Floor Cloth

TianDe Double-sided Floor Cloth


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Quickly, properly and without unnecessary effort - this is how ease it is to clean your floor with the floor cloth from the corporation. It is made of modern high-quality material (super microfibre) characterized by its incredible durability and absorbency. It effectively cleans even without the use of detergents.

The floor cloth is ideal for all types of floors, including the most demanding ones: parquet, laminate, tiles, linoleum and more.

Thanks to its optimal size of 50 x 60 cm, cleaning will be very comfortable and the two sides with different textures will ensure an excellent result.
- The ribbed side of the cloth quickly distributes water over the surface and perfectly cleans stubborn stains.
- The smooth side immediately absorbs moisture and wipes the floor dry without leaving smudges. When dry, the cloth can be used to remove dust.


Suitable for all types of floor coverings (linoleum, parquet, tiles, laminate). Do not iron, do not dry on the radiator.