Tiande Deep Cleansing Shampoo

Tiande Deep Cleansing Shampoo


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The basis of the deep cleansing shampoo from the FreshClick line is one of the most effective absorbents - charcoal. Charcoal granules like micro-sponges actively absorb excess oil, clean hair, and scalp from residues of styling products.

Thanks to its excellent exfoliating abilities and gentle removal of dead scales, it makes it impossible to nourish mold. In addition, it clears the way for nutrients contained in after-care products. The result: balms and masks that you apply to your hair after applying shampoo have a double effect.

The charcoal shampoo does not contain coloring pigment, so it does not dye hair and is also suitable for blondes.

The deep cleansing shampoo is a product for after-care. Just use it once or twice a week.

Try black shampoo and experience the magical power of charcoal on your own skin. For a more intense effect, use the shampoo with the Bio-lamination effect hair conditioner.


Apply to wet hair, massage, then rinse. Recommended using 1-2 times per week.