Tiande Cordyceps Facial Serum, 30 ml

Tiande Cordyceps Facial Serum, 30 ml


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Cordyceps facial serum from the Tibetan Herbs line helps to regenerate thinned skin and provides care for normal and ageing skin. Thanks to its fine texture, it covers the skin like a light veil and very quickly penetrates deep into its layers. The serum:
- helps start skin rejuvenation processes
- gives the skin perfect smoothness and elasticity
- smooths wrinkles, gives a fresh look
- hydrates and regulates the moisture balance in the lower layers of the epidermis, strengthening the skin’s protective barrier

To enhance the effect, use the whole line of Tibetan Herbs products based on the legendary cordyceps and other rare ingredients. Especially for 35+ skin care.

The serum works even better in combination with a facial cream, which enhances its effects, and also hydrates and nourishes the skin.


Apply a small amount of the product on the skin of the face 1-2 times a day.