Tiande Organic Seaweed Hydrogel Eye Patches

Tiande Organic Seaweed Hydrogel Eye Patches


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According to statistics, nearly 80% of women older than 25 are discontented with their looks in the first hours after waking up in the morning! And the main reason of discontent is baggy lower eyelids and pouches under the eyes that automatically add some years and make you look tired.

Do you want your morning to start with excellent looks and high spirits? Try Organic Seaweed Hydrogel Eye Patches. They will help you lift the delicate skin of your eyelids and make it firmer. Patches can change your look in several minutes thanks to active components.

This express product operates providing several effects at once:
- helps to decrease bags and pouches under the eyes, quickly make your skin fresh again;
- moisturizers, lifts the skin, makes the lower eyelid contour more distinct;
- fights traces of tiredness, revitalizes dry, thinned eyelid skin;
- helps to smooth out expression lines.

Do crow’s feet appear by the corners of your eyes every time you smile? Hydrogel patches will make them less visible.

The product contains polysaccharides of Irish red seaweed and brown mozuku seaweed, hydrolyzed collagen, corn gluten amino acids and allantoin. By the way, Irish red seaweed is also called red moss. Irish moss has a reputation as a natural “silicone” among professional cosmeticians, it protects the skin from dehydration and negative effect of the environment.


Apply patches to the cleaned skin under the eyes. Remove after 15-20 minutes. They should be used immediately after you open the package