Indian Mango Shampoo

Indian Mango Shampoo


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Try the wholesome features of sunny mango and smell its gentle aroma which stays in your hair.

Thanks to the extracts from juicy ripe mango fruits, panthenol and vitamin E, the shampoo gently and efficiently cleanses the scalp, reduces excessive grease without disturbing barrier functions of the skin, makes the hair less unruly and keeps it fresh for long.

The Indian mango shampoo is suitable for:
- greasy hair;
- brittle and frayed hair;
- hair exposed to negative external effects (high temperature, dry air, UV radiation).

Treat your hair with freshness, energy and incredible scent holding on for the whole day.


Apply a small amount of shampoo onto the scalp, leave to act for 1-2 minutes, massage, then rinse with water.