Tiande Gold Purifying Face Film Mask, 130ml

Tiande Gold Purifying Face Film Mask, 130ml


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You haven’t pampered yourself with something special for a long time, have you? Give your skin luxury care with Gold Purifying Face Film Mask! This mask provides instant skin lifting thanks to its film structure, and its active components will give the skin fresh, radiant colour and long-lasting moisturizing.

Gold Face Film Mask is:
- gentle removal of keratinized particles and deep skin cleansing;
- instant lifting and rejuvenating effect;
- fresh, radiant complexion and long-lasting moisturizing.

Apply masks as a course of 10-15 sessions, and you will provide splendid, ultra-intensive care for your skin. Or use the mask as express transformation product – apply it to the skin shortly before an important event, get instant result.

The effectiveness of any product is determined by the value of its components. The gold mask contains real “delicacies” that your skin will “treat itself” to with pleasure! The mask contains swallow’s nest extract, mineral salts as well as powerful natural moisturizers – sodium hyaluronate, betaine and dipotassium glycyrrhizate.


Apply the mask in a thick layer on your clean dry face, without touching your eyebrows, the skin around the eyes and lips. Let it work for 20-30 minutes until the mask dries like a thin film, then remove it carefully.