Tiande Extra White PRO Tooth Paste

Tiande Extra White PRO Tooth Paste


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Extra White PRO toothpaste contains cutting-edge soft and safe abrasive components (water-sensitive silica, monocalcium phosphate), which are highly bio-compatible with tooth enamel. The product does not contain oxidizers, any other chemical whitening agents, or parabens.

The toothpaste can tackle even the hardest pigmented dental plaque, the main cause of the accumulation of bacteria and formation of dental plaque. It will keep your teeth naturally white, and remove persistent tobacco and coffee stains. Thanks to its calcium, phosphorus and sodium fluoride content (the weight fraction of the fluoride does not exceed 0.13%), the toothpaste prevents excessive sensitivity and strengthens the enamel. The toothpaste has a long-lasting breath-freshening effect.

When used regularly, the toothpaste provides sustainable results comparable to ultrasound cleaning.