Tiande Body deodorant spray "Natural alunite and sage"

Tiande Body deodorant spray "Natural alunite and sage"


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Deodorizes the skin without disrupting the functioning of the sweat glands.

The product is based on alunite, a mineral of volcanic rock origin, it reliably destroys bacteria. Alunite particles do not plug the sweat glands, but stop sweating.

The deodorant spray does not contain aluminum salts, alcohol, parabens or dyes. It is absolutely harmless for the body, and is very effective.

Suitable for use after hair removal, soothes the skin and cares for it. Suitable for future and nursing mothers. Drys rashes on the body, prevents skin irritation. Can be applied to the feet and palms. Ensures freshness up to 24 hours.


Apply to clean skin in the area of armpits, feet and palms.