Tiande Black Diamond Charcoal Facial Beauty Mask

Tiande Black Diamond Charcoal Facial Beauty Mask


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Does your skin shine often? Are your pores enlarged and black dots your frequent guests? These symptoms mean an oily skin type. It has its disadvantages and advantages, but the main thing you should remember is that cleansing is very important for you! Oily skin requires regular and careful cleansing like no other. Black Diamond Beauty Mask will help your express transformation. Thanks to its active components, it cleanses the skin gently and deeply at the same time.

The main cleansing component of the mask is bamboo charcoal. It is able to ‘draw out’ dirt and toxins from the skin, as a result the face looks clean and refreshed. Charcoal working as an exfoliating agent removes dead skin particles, making your skin softer, gentler and smoother.

Charcoal and other active substances as a part of the complex saturate the skin with healthy substances and minerals, making it more moisturized, firmer, fresher, reducing enlarged pores.


Apply the fabric side of the mask to the cleaned face from the top down, gradually separating the pearly film. Remove the mask in 15-20 minutes, rinse your face with water.