Tiande Ancient China Formula Hair Balm-Conditioner, 220g

Tiande Ancient China Formula Hair Balm-Conditioner, 220g


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Strong, beautiful, silky – Chinese girls’ and women’s hair has always been the model to look up to. The reason is the right care and natural components, which Eastern beauties have been using to care for their locks from time immemorial.

We’re revealing another formula for beautiful hair – products based on the unique strengthening complex from legendary Eastern herbal extracts.

If you want your hair to be easily combed after washing, to be shiny and silky, don’t forget the balm-conditioner after every shampoo use!

Ancient China Formula Conditioner by TianDe is a guarantee of your hair’s beauty and natural strength! The conditioner will help prevent premature greying thanks to its Fo-Ti-Tieng root extract component. Long live natural bright hair colour! By the way, the Chinese knotweed’s (Polygonum multiflorum) name Fo-Ti-Tieng is translated as ‘raven-black old man’s head’.

According to a Chinese legend, an old wise grey-haired man restored his hair with the help of this herb, returning its rich colour.

Root extracts from Chinese herbs help to improve scalp microcirculation. Your hair gets intensive nourishment and this means that it grows faster. The active formula noticeably strengthens hair roots, your hair looks healthy and silky.

Use the balm-conditioner together with Ancient China Formula Shampoo. These products supplement each other to the utmost, strengthening the effect of regular use.


Apply to clean wet hair, massage and rinse thoroughly.