Sevich Hair Vitamin Mix

Sevich Hair Vitamin Mix


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Hair Vitamin-Serum in Capsules

For Oily Hair

SEVICH oil-serum for oily and greasy hair.

Silk and shine serum, enriched with vegetable oils and vitamins, naturally softens dry, coarse and damaged hair and effectively reduces hair oiling.

Lubricated hair vitamins effectively remove the harmful effects of dust and long-term sunlight, chemicals and hard water.

  • Provides smooth and deep nourishment for hair that last up to 48 hours.
  • Refreshes hair texture and shine. Unique ingredients such as moroccan oil and silk protein, which are naturally rich in essential fatty nutrients.
  • The formula of these lubricated vitamins nourishes and smoothes the hair from root to tip to make it look smoother and easier to manage.
  • Protects hair from wet and dry air and high heat.


    Moroccan Oil: has strong moisturizing features, regenerating, smoothing the hair structure and providing protection from the harmful effects of the environment and protection from heat.

    Aloe Vera (Aloe): deeply cleanses oily hair, removing excess fat (oil) and residues of other hair products. However, aloe vera does not damage the strands of your hair until it is cleansed. Aloe is gentle and preserves the integrity of the hair, so in hair care products, the use of aloe is a great way to have shiny, softer and easier to manage hair.

    Vitamins: E, A, C, E and Pro-Vit. B5