Tiande Facial Exfoliant 75g

Tiande Facial Exfoliant 75g


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Because of their gentleness, surface cleansing products are called “lunch break peeling” or “lunchtime peeling”.

The exfoliating roller from the Tibetan Herbs line works on this very principle. It cleans the skin gently and at the same time effectively without damaging it. The facial exfoliant removes dead skin cells (the layer that prevents it from breathing, dulls it, dries it out and creates fine lines) and also:
- stimulates the processes of enhanced regeneration and renewal of the skin,
- improves cellular respiration,
- restores the relief and natural face tone.

The facial exfoliant prevents the appearance of wrinkles, black dots, hyperkeratosis and peeling of the skin thanks to the effect of deep cleansing, activation of metabolic processes and also thanks to the cordyceps sinensis it contains. It smoothes the relief of the skin, improves the skin colour and also increases its level of hydration.

The special acid-free formula is suitable for the following anti-ageing care.

To enhance the effect, use the whole line of Tibetan Herbs products based on the legendary cordyceps sinensis and other rare ingredients. This line was developed for skin care 35+.


Apply a small amount to the skin using circular movements for 1 minute, then rinse with water.