Tiande Makeup Removing Hydrophilic Butter 75g

Tiande Makeup Removing Hydrophilic Butter 75g


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Makeup... Artistic, nude, evening, concealing - there is an abundance of types and techniques. Whatever makeup you choose, it will come off at some point, and it should come off gently and carefully.

Makeup removing hydrophilic butter can handle this task perfectly, gently and effectively. Gentle butter with shea butter, coconut oil and vitamin E dissolves makeup and impurities on the skin (so you can remove it effortlessly) and leaves it soft, fresh and hydrated after washing.

The butter is intended for facial, neck and décolleté skin and is suitable for absolutely all skin types, including very sensitive skin.

Do not forget that high-quality makeup not only affects the freshness of the skin and the prolongation of youth, but also how well the products that you will subsequently apply to the skin will “work”. And even if you don’t use decorative cosmetics at all, no one can avoid the products of the skin (sebum). Use the butter to gently remove all impurities.

For your convenience, a practical spatula is included in the package.

Experience skin cleansing on a new level.


1. Apply butter to the skin, massage gently until the makeup dissolves, then wash with water.
2. Remove light makeup with butter and a cotton pad, wash with water or finish cleaning with a tonic.