Tiande Herb Night Sanitary Pads Maxi, 4pcs

Tiande Herb Night Sanitary Pads Maxi, 4pcs


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Herb Night Sanitary Pads Maxi were created for reliable protection, absolute comfort, and women's health. Its increased absorption capacity, larger size, and more secure fit will help prevent leakage even during heavy menstruation.

- Sanitary pad length - 420 mm
- 6 layers with max-size wings
- high water-retaining sides along the edges
- Sumitomo superabsorbent layer with an increased absorption capacity
- a natural breathable top layer that ensures the necessary air circulation and prevents the growth of bacteria, which is particularly important at night when you don't have the possibility to keep changing sanitary pads
- it contains a patented Phyto complex which was developed at a scientific research institute in Canton, China, and which has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects.

Herb Night Sanitary Pads Maxi are ideal for delicate and sensitive skin, they provide increased protection at night, help a woman feel comfortable even during heavy menstruation, provide security during important events and give you a feeling of confidence.

These products are also reliable helpers for women during menopause. The Phyto complex contained in the pads has a positive effect on the microflora and helps eliminate discomfort and dryness, but it also solves other problems women have during this period. Thanks to their larger size, Herb Night Sanitary Pads Maxi guarantees peace during periods of heavy menstruation and incontinence.