Tiande Glass Express Cleaning Cloth 1pc

Tiande Glass Express Cleaning Cloth 1pc


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Cleaning windows and mirrors or polishing glassware, for example, is a time-consuming process. We look for any way to remove stains and spots from surfaces. With the EXPRESS scrubber wipe for glass, you will no longer waste your time, nerves, or energy. Your surfaces will be perfectly clean, even without the use of special detergents.

Windows, glassware, crystal, mirrors, stained glass, windshields, tiles - the special weaving of the wipe ensures a perfectly shiny surface and leaves no moisture, smudges, or hair on it.

With such a helper, cleaning will be faster, more economical, and more environmentally friendly.


Soak the wipe in water, wring it out, and use it to remove dirt from glass surfaces. There is no need to wipe until dry. Do not iron the product or dry it on a radiator.