Tiande Liquid-Patch Body Cream

Tiande Liquid-Patch Body Cream


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Our daily lives are full of contradiction. Sometimes we start exercising intensively, venture on runs, get to the gym, while at other times we spend days in a row sitting sedentary at a computer. All of it can’t help but have an effect on our joints – after all, they’re the ones that help us make all those movements.

TianDe’s Liquid-Patch cream is suitable for people who love energetic workouts, as well as for those who prefer the couch to the gym (or are forced to lead a sedentary lifestyle for whatever reason). Thanks to the active components in the product’s formulation, it has a warming effect.

If, on the other hand, you don’t have time for sports, the Liquid-Patch will help compensate for your lack of movement. With a sedentary lifestyle it’s particularly important that we “get the blood running” through our body. This is encouraged by the warming effect of the cream, which helps improve the flow of blood to the joints.

May each move you make be joyful.