Tiande Face Serum & Primer, 40ml

Tiande Face Serum & Primer, 40ml


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Do you like experiments and a distinctive make-up? Or do you prefer nude-style make-up and natural beauty? In either case, your skin needs proper treatment. To make it easier for you, our corporate specialists combined two principal phases of young skin treatment into one and formed a new product – FreshClick Serum Primer.

The light serum primer:
- provides complex hydration treatment, normalizes hydro-lipid balance and boosts protection features of skin
- soothes and improves the skin after cosmetic treatment (peeling or cleaning)
- reduces visibility of pores and controls excessive grease in the T-zone

The serum primer helps to prepare the skin for make-up and covers imperfections before foundation is applied: it adds on elasticity and smooths unevenness and peels.


Apply a small amount of the product onto the pre-cleansed skin, excluding the area around the eyes. Can be used as a base for make-up