Tiande Aqua Eye Gel for Face

Tiande Aqua Eye Gel for Face


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It is so girlish to show your emotions! Giggling, playful winking, rolling of eyes... And taking pictures while you have to look into the Sun for at least a minute to get a great photo, running through stories, and posting in the dark. It would all be all right if only those cute factors did not adversely affect the skin around your eyes. Take care of your skin from a young age!

The light melting Aquagel texture optimally nourishes the skin with moisture and adds on its smoothness and elasticity lacking especially in the area of facial wrinkles.

The gel soothes the skin, relieves the tension, and prevents peeling. It can refresh the skin after a lack of sleep or stress.

The more concentrated composition suits especially the skin with a tendency to grease and imperfections requiring consistent and intensive hydration.


Apply to the pre-cleansed skin of the eyelids and face.