Successful TianDe Consultant

Distributor TianDe

You not only acquire TianDe products at profitable prices but recommend them to others – receiving up to 54 % instant profits for the promotion. Your potential customers might be your neighbours, friends and colleagues – all of the people around you! These products are, after all, used daily by people all over the world. Welcome to the business of cosmetics!

You will get your agency fee (bonus fee) according to the Unified System of Sales Promotion, the Marketing Plan. The amount of payments you receive is determined by the structural volume of your organisation, i.e. the product turnover of all the people you've brought to the organisation.

Of course, your TianDe Structural Volume is not limited to a certain number of levels in your team; it covers all the generations of Distributors through infinity. The more customers you attract, the higher the profits your MLM business with TianDe brings. Not every multi-level company can offer such employment conditions.

The financial reward system stimulates the dynamic development of your structure’s depth and width. The mentor is interested in the progress of his or her Distributors. They help advance his or her MLM business.

To start your own business with the Corporation, you will need to buy 100 P worth of products. Let us explain: You will get 100 points if you purchase cosmetic or hygienic products for your own personal use.


You can open up your own sales centre and become an entrepreneur. You will start your own business by “renting” the trademark and well-developed TianDe business technologies. You will not have to get involved in production, marketing or logistics. The Corporation will take care of all these issues for you. The Corporation will insure you against most risks by providing professional support and sharing all of the secrets that will allow you to become a leader in a very short time. For more information about TianDe franchising, follow this link (Franchising System).

What does the Distributor get from cooperating with TianDe?

Products at special prices.
Revenue from retail sales.
Bonus system:

 Bonus for Personal Volume – from 5 to 38 %! 
 Bonus for Structural Volume – from 5 to 38 %! 
 Bonus from 5 Director levels – 5 % each! 
 A single payment Star Marketing Prize – from € 687 to € 41,250. The sum of all the prizes can reach € 91,850. 
 A single payment for reaching new ranks from USD 300,000 to USD 1,000,000!

Online Bonus Program (additional bonuses for working online):

 Consultant Bonus – up to 50 % of all points earned by OBC customers registered in your team
 Level Bonus – bonuses from five levels of Consultants of your online structure (from 1 to 10 %) 
 Faster Bonus – additional 200 points for registering the new OBC partner at your first level

Participation in promotional and special programmes.
Modern business instruments for structural development.
Career growth.
How to become a TianDe Distributor?
Professional registration allows you to build your online business and participate in the Online Business programme.