Tiande Phyto Code Sensitive Irritation Red Skin Care

Tiande Phyto Code Sensitive Irritation Red Skin Care


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Antioxidant Facial Peel

Deep cleansing with fruit acids

The gentle peel from the Herbal Energies line works on the principle of “rolling”, so it does not irritate the skin, and at the same time it is maximally effective.

Malic AHA acids act on the intercellular bonds between the keratinized particles of the skin and the dermis, thereby accelerating and facilitating the exfoliation (removal) of keratinized scales. This activates the processes of renewal and the production of molecules of the skin’s natural moisturising factor.

Antioxidant peel not only cleans and minimizes pores, but also hydrates, softens the skin and protects it from premature ageing caused by free radicals. To fight them, the product contains a strong plant complex with cordyceps and green tea extract.

The peel is gentle and therefore suitable for all skin types, including the sensitive one.

Try this gentle cleanse and you’ll be surprised how quickly your skin brightens and gets a beautiful, even colour.

Do you want maximum effect? Use the entire Herbal Energies line for comprehensive care.


Apply a small amount of the peel to cleansed skin excluding the eye area, massage for 1-2 minutes, then rinse with water.

Ultra Gentle Cleanser

Long-lasting feeling of clean skin without tension

The unwritten rule of cleansing the skin is “the more sebum you remove, the more it builds up”.

People with oily and combination skin suffer most often from excessive secretion of sebum. When you feel like your skin is oily, you want to scrub your face immediately. However, the skin can react to strong products by producing even more sebum, and so it goes on and on. Start using gentle products and get out of the vicious circle.

Herbal Energies ultra gentle cleanser effectively cleanses the skin, removes impurities and excess shine, while being gentle and not leaving a feeling of tension and dryness.

The gel contains an extract of tea leaves, which is a strong natural absorber of UV radiation and the main protector of cells against the negative effects of the sun’s rays. This extract provides antioxidant protection to the cells, cleanses the skin and minimizes the pores, so that the skin is no longer so oily and shiny.

Do you want maximum effect? Use the entire Herbal Energies line for comprehensive care.


Apply a small amount of gel to the face, massage and then wash off.


Tiande Face cream with Cordyceps and sage

Cream in the series Phyto Code has a soothing and softening effect, eliminates exfoliation. Phyto-estrogens of sage retain youthfulness of skin, prevent the appearance of first wrinkles. Cordyceps and green tea ensure anti-oxidant protection, tone, constrict pores, preventing the development of blackheads and inflammations.

UV-filters in the cream absorb UV-radiation and prevent its penetration into the skin, protecting it from destruction of cellular membranes, pigmentation, loss of elasticity.


Tiande Cleansing cosmetic sponge, 12pcs


The cellulose-based sponge is designed to quickly and gently cleanse your facial skin. Perfectly refreshes and massages your skin, cleanses pores and has a peeling effect. Use daily with your favourite cleansing product from TianDe.


Before use, wet the sponge with water; after use, thoroughly wash and dry it.