TianDe Tourmaline Spot Application Knee Pads


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TianDe Tourmaline Spot Application Knee Pads

Tourmaline helps relieve tension in the muscles, ensuring comfort while walking. Recommended for people whose activity is associated with prolonged static or shock load on the knee joints.


Place a damp napkin on your knee and fix the pad on top. From the 1st to the 7th day, use the pads twice a day for 10 minutes. In the absence of individual intolerance to the product, the duration of each session may be increased by 1 minute each day during subsequent days up to 20 minutes twice a day, and this mode may be maintained for 3 months. After a one-month pause, you may repeat the course, following the same mode of exposure.

Caution! On the areas of the product's application, skin redness and a burning sensation may appear. This is a normal reaction, which will pass 3-4 hours after taking it off.

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