Tiande Tangerine Liqueur Shower Gel

Tiande Tangerine Liqueur Shower Gel


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Indulge yourself with a magnificent spa session, tranquillity and solitude!
Feel the hypnotic tangerine aroma, give yourself a chance to disengage from problems and find yourself in a small corner of paradise created especially for you… and all that in your own bathroom!

Tangerine Liqueur shower gel from the Hainan Tao line is head-spinning aroma, gentlest foam and delicate skin care.

The amazing feature of this aroma is its being liked by practically everyone, independent of age and sex. It is sweet and rich, it captivates by the combination of bitter tones and flower and fruit bases.

Tangerine Liqueur shower gel will help to start and finish your day with positive thoughts, drive away boredom and fill you with joy!

Apply evenly to your moist body skin, rinse off thoroughly with water.