TianDe Syrup with fruit juices and vitamins

TianDe Syrup with fruit juices and vitamins


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Syrups with fruit juices and vitamins are a great supplement to healthy, proper, and quality children's nutrition. They are 100 % natural: without preservatives, flavour enhancers, aroma additives, added starch, and colourants. Not only are they healthy, but they are also very tasty and mildly sour.

Syrups with fruit juices and vitamins:
- they help provide the child's body with natural vitamins and minerals
- they help increase the child's energy

An interesting game can be played with the fruit juice syrups: each package contains 21 sachets of three different flavours - leave the choice of flavour to your child.

Notice! Part of the profit from the sale of each package of fruit juice and vitamin syrups go to charity funds. Follow the news of the corporation.

Suitable for children above 3 years.


For children above 3 years, 1 sachet a day directly in food, as a supplement to ready meals (cottage cheese, porridge, ice cream, tea, etc.), or for preparing drinks.