Tiande Protecting Face Fluid-Recharger

Tiande Protecting Face Fluid-Recharger


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In today's world, we cannot afford not to work with modern technologies - computers and smartphones are ubiquitous …

Scientists have found that all monitors, screens and even energy-saving light bulbs emit blue light, which has a negative effect on the skin. HEV radiation penetrates deep into the skin's layers, causing premature aging and worsening pigmentation. How to protect yourself against it? Strong antioxidants!

The Vita Derm regenerative and protective facial fluid based on the patented antioxidant complex Myramaze™, vitamin C and moisturizing and regenerative ingredients:
- protects the skin from HEV radiation, thereby preventing "digital aging"
- protects skin lipids against oxidation
- strengthens the skin barrier
- smooths out mimic wrinkles
- deeply hydrates; ensures long-lasting freshness

The regenerative and protective skin fluid is suitable for all those of us who use smartphones and work on computers. It is suitable for anyone at any time! It is suitable for any skin type.


Apply the product onto the skin with your fingertips. Use before applying cream or on its own as a skincare product. Do not rinse. Use in the morning and evening to increase the effect.