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Tiande Chin Lifting & Modeling V-line Mask

Tiande Chin Lifting & Modeling V-line Mask


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Have the contours of your face and chin withered? This problem is becoming increasingly topical and is no longer caused by age or being overweight, but due to poor posture and the frequent use of smartphones with the head in a tilted position.

New measures are necessary.

The V-line face and chin lifting mask from the Korean Сhoahae* cosmetic product line works in two ways.

Due to its specific tight-fitting shape, the mask:
- helps you develop the right habit of not pushing the chin towards the neck
- tightens and models the chin line
- helps you get rid of double chin
- when tightly attached, it provides a term effect which increases the effect of the active ingredients

Thanks to its active ingredients, which include peptide (a muscle relaxant), aloe vera juice, caffeine, hyaluronic acid, collagen, and adenosine:
- it nourishes the skin and helps to quickly restore the collagen skeleton
- it increases the skin's strength and elasticity

* Сhoahae - in translation from Korean, this means "I like you". Why this name? You will understand when you see your reflection in the mirror after using products from this product line.


Remove the protective film, stretch and spread the mask onto the cleansed skin of the face all the way to the chin line, and attach it behind the ears using the side cutouts. Leave it on for 1-2 hours. An uncomfortable feeling behind the ears means that the mask is not sufficiently stretched. If this is the case, remove the mask and stretch it out more. The mask is intended for single use only. Use the product immediately after opening it.