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TianDe Anti-aging day cream

TianDe Anti-aging day cream


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Intensely saturates your skin with moisture, refreshing and tonifying it. Boosts collagen and elastin synthesis, helps restore dermal collagen fibers, evens out the skin's microtexture, prevents the appearance of wrinkles, and protects against the adverse effects of free radicals. Marine collagen closely resembles human collagen in terms of its structure, allowing for its efficient absorption into the skin.

Sources of the marine collagen used in Marine Collagen products include proteins from the skin of the deepsea cod and byssus (from the Greek word "byssus," meaning fine yarn) - the secret weapon of the Mytilus Edulis mussel, which emits long but amazingly strong protein threads that it uses to attach itself to stones, sand, and other underwater objects. In ancient times, byssus threads were used to make a luxurious fabric known as marine silk, which was so delicate and lights that a pair of gloves made of it could fit into a small walnut shell!

It is recommended to start using the products in the Marine Collagen series at age 35.


Once you have cleansed your skin, apply a small amount of the cream with gentle circular movements to your face and neck, avoiding the eye area.