The Secret of the Chi Energy Massage Cosmetic Oil

The Secret of the Chi Energy Massage Cosmetic Oil


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According to the traditional Eastern medicine, chi energy is “the breath of life,” as poetic and metaphorical as this might sound. Chi is no less real than material things. You cannot touch it but you can feel it and learn to manage it. When chi flows through your body naturally, you will be healthy and live long.

One of the ways that helps chi get into our bodies is through free nose breathing. When your nose is stuffed, the natural flow of chi is adversely affected. Eastern wise men used to say that when energy circulation in the body slows down, humans fall ill.

The Secret of the Chi Energy Massage Oil will help you enjoy every breath. The combination of essential oils in the composition of the product will help you breathe freely and relieve your stuffy nose.


Two or three times a day, apply a combination of natural oils to the tip and the wings of your nose. Avoid applying the oil to the sensitive skin under your nose.