Sport Style Gentle Shampoo


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Sport Style Gentle Shampoo

Athletic workouts have become an integral part of many people’s lives. 

It is currently fashionable to engage in sports and be fit. 
This is one of the signs of success, a strong will and purposefulness.

TianDe is always in style, therefore we have developed the Sport Style line in the already beloved series of body and hair care products My Family Care… especially for those like you who are into sports! 
For those families whose FAMILY LOOK is athletic! 
Supplement your athletic program with skin care products with a bold citrus fragrance and transform training into a holiday!

Every dedicated fitness fanatic, especially girls, are familiar with these alarming symptoms: brittle, tangled hair that does not want to be styled. Hair has to be washed after each workout, but this makes it dry.

Sport Style gentle shampoo is ideal for those who train regularly. 
Your hair is quickly manageable after the gym or pool.

After washing your hair with Sport Style shampoo, it will become shiny and smooth, and much easier to style neatly.

The shampoo contains the vitamin E + B5 complex that promotes hair restoration. 

The product is economical and its favorable price is a pleasant surprise!

Apply to damp hair, massage, then rinse.