Sport Style Body Lotion


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Sport Style Body Lotion

Athletic workouts have become an integral part of many people’s lives. It is currently fashionable to engage in sports and be fit. This is one of the signs of success, a strong will and purposefulness. TianDe is always in style, therefore we have developed the Sports Style line in the already beloved series of body and hair care products My Family Care… especially for those like you who are into sports! For those families whose FAMILY LOOK is athletic! Supplement your athletic program with skin care products with a bold citrus fragrance and transform training into a holiday!

The stresses the body experiences during athletic exercises increase sweating, and the sweat irritates the skin, making it excessively dry. Of course, you take a shower after each workout, but this is not enough. After the shower, it is time to worry about your body skin. After a workout, it is important to use a lotion or cream that helps to remove muscle strain and thoroughly moistens the integument.

By using Sports Style Body Lotion in combination with a light massage to restore the skin after a shower, you help the muscles to relax and the skin to become soft and elastic. The lotion is suitable for daily use. The product contains menthol, orange oil and shea butter that together effectively remove fatigue and tension, pleasantly refresh and relax a heated body after a workout.

Massage into clean body skin.

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