Spice Mix With Oregano & Sea Salt

Spice Mix With Oregano & Sea Salt


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Stay beautiful and young – this is a task that is relevant for many thousands of years... TianDe corporation made thorough analysis of everything that was offered and gives you its own unique recipe, unparalleled at the market!

The name of the Spicery “Beauty and Youth” speaks for itself. The product consists of 100% natural ingredients. Exclusive combination of herbs gives remarkable results. One pinch of spices contains more antioxidants that a glass of berries! Antioxidants can reduce negative impact of free radicals – the cause of oxidative stress that leads to many problems – from wrinkles to serious illnesses.

Add a new hint of flavour to your favourite dishes and enjoy all the benefits for your beauty and youthful look!


Add spices to a hot or cold dish right after cooking. It will let the spices give off all their flavour, smell and benefits.