Protein Shake Slim Beauty Mix – Transformation
Protein Shake Slim Beauty Mix – Transformation

Protein Shake Slim Beauty Mix – Transformation


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Do you reproach yourself every evening for your taste for sweet things? Are you trying to lose several excess kilos and acquire the ideal shape? Or do you go in for sports actively and want to achieve maximum results?

Now it is easy to attain all the set aims, you won’t even have to refuse from your favourite dessert. Slim Beauty Mix with chocolate taste is the ideal combination of taste and usefulness. It contains high-quality protein in the optimum combination: 55% of serum protein and 45% of sunflower protein.

Soy, gluten, sugar, preservatives, dyes and synthetic premixes free. The product contains the maximum amount of natural components, including amino acids. Natural sweetener – stevia extract – gives nice taste to this shake.

There are 11 grams of protein and only 50 kilocalories in one serving! Your weight will stay normal and your health will improve with this shake!

Who is recommended this mix?
- Sportsmen (both professionals and amateurs). The mix contains natural amino acids, including the optimum amount of the most important and required for the body formation amino acids – BCAA (branched-chain amino acids). This is the amino acid complex – leucine, isoleucine and valine that support the body in case of stresses and heavy exercises, help to develop muscle tissue. BCAA are the fuel during exercises and are the first to help after them, restoring muscle fibres and relieving the feeling of tiredness;
- Those whose weight can’t break the stalemate. Slim Beauty Mix will give a strong push to lose it.
- Those who want to lose excess weight, be vigorous and feel themselves healthy. The active components of TianDe Slim Mix reduce the feeling of hunger and longing for sweet things.
- Young people / students. Slim Mix provides the right protein for their diet, helps to shape a beautiful and smart body.
- Elderly people. As a rule, there is not enough animal protein in their diet, and the mix can supply it.
- Everyone! Protein is the building material of our body!


Thoroughly mix 2 full teaspoons (18 g) of the dry product in 200 ml of fat-free milk at room temperature. You may use a shaker or a blender.