Tiande Panty liners with silver, ultra thin, 20 pcs

Tiande Panty liners with silver, ultra thin, 20 pcs


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The active life rhythm of a modern girl dictates its rules.

Every new day is not just new meetings, impressions and tasks, it is also checking up your self-confidence. In Top panty liners with silver will not only help to feel comfortable and confident in any situation but will also effectively care for women’s health.

- Silver micro-particles contained in the special insert in the panty liner have a beneficial effect on the microflora and prevent infections.

- The upper layer made from cellulose – natural nonwoven material, allows the skin to breathe and does not create the hothouse effect. You are feeling only softness and comfort all day long.

- Panty liners ideally repeat the female body shapes and do not get in the way even in case if you are very active – you can do sports, go about your business, meet friends, and your panty liner will stay in place.

- The compact size will suit any model of panties.

Recommended for daily use.