Moisturizing Radiant Beauty Face Skin Cream

Moisturizing Radiant Beauty Face Skin Cream


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Sick of the shine in your T-zone: on your forehead, nose and chin? Just when your cheeks are looking dry and dull? This moisturizing cream from TianDe will be your big discovery! With its ultra-light texture, it’s perfect for combination skin.


According to statistics, 80 % of all young people have combination skin. The cause of the excess oil in the T-zone and dryness in the other parts of the face is often lack of moisture. But it’s a problem that can be solved by this cream for radiant facial skin. It combines the properties of two products in one: the active components moisturize the dry patches, while giving a matte finish to the T-zone.

The cream offers robust moisturizing care, has antioxidant and protective properties. Won’t clog pores. Leaves skin silky and fresh with a radiant glow.

 Perfect for combination and oily, dehydrated skin with flakiness in the T-zone after extended periods of using cleansers and driers.


Apply to clean skin in the morning and evening with light tapping motions until fully absorbed.