Tiande Mega Lash-Curling Mascara, 7.6g

Tiande Mega Lash-Curling Mascara, 7.6g


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Your eyelashes are not pleased with an elegant bend? Do not worry, with the help of this mascara, they will get "exciting forms", and the look will immediately become more wide open!

What is the secret of this mascara? In the nap brush special configuration. It ideally repeats the line of eyelashes, picks them up from two sides and gives the desired shape. The crescent-shaped brush draws on as much mascara as it takes to paint the cilia of one eye.

Makeup artists say: the effect of mascara, whether it is a separating or lengthening agent for eyelashes, depends 90% on a properly selected brush. Curved well curls eyelashes and gives them volume. This tool is ideal for curling and lengthening the eyelashes, especially on the outer corner of the eye. In addition to the perfect fixation and deep color, the mascara will also give you a gentle care thanks to a caring complex with vitamins.

Apply mascara on eyelashes from base to tip. For maximum volume and rich color, apply in 2 layers.