Tiande Matte Effect Nail Top Coat, 10ml

Tiande Matte Effect Nail Top Coat, 10ml


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Gentle matte nails are all the rage now!

Do you think that this kind of manicure is only possible in a beauty parlour? Not at all!

You’ll be able to create a trendy manicure without leaving your house with the help of Matte Effect Nail Top Coat by TianDe! The Top performs several functions at the same time.

1. It provides an ideal matte finish. You don’t have to buy a special matte nail polish now, you can create this gentlest ‘velour’ effect on any nail polish from your collection! Just coat your nails with your favourite colour, wait until the nail polish dries completely and then apply the matte top. In a few minutes, and voilà – your nails are like the gentlest velvet!

The matte top is recommended for use on bright colours of nail polish by TianDe in order for your manicure to have the greatest effect.

2. A lasting fresh manicure. The Matte Effect Top will considerably prolong your nail polishes life and provide up to seven days of a flawless manicure!

3. No chips. The Top reliably ‘welds’ all nail polish layers into one thanks to its formula. It noticeably strengthens your manicure!

Apply to the completely dried nail polish as the finishing coat.