Hot Cellulite Treatment

Hot Cellulite Treatment


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Tiande Hot Ginger Body Salt

Hot Ginger Body Salt will help you ‘burn’ your body imperfections! Ginger combined with sea salt will make your skin smooth and silky, will help decrease cellulite and visibly tighten your skin. The product has a double effect:
- ginger warms up the skin well, improving microcirculation;
- sea salt is an excellent cleanser, exfoliating the upper keratinized layer of the epidermis.

Skin elasticity and tone improve, cells are saturated with a lot of important and healthy elements. Salt crystals provide an excellent massage effect when coming in contact with the skin. When the product is applied to problematic areas, you do not just care for your skin, you also provide health-improving lymphomassage and drainage. Treat yourself regularly, and after each session your skin will be looking better and better!


Apply to problematic areas, massage, then rinse off.


Tiande Anti-Cellulite Chili Cream

Speeds up the breakdown and excretion of fats and decreases volumes of your body. Efficiently tonifies and strengthens your skin, making it smooth and resilient.


Apply it with massaging movements to your problematic areas, leave on for 15-30 minutes and remove any traces of the cream with a tissue.



Tiande Stimulating Cream for Perfect Thighs

Jodhpurs aren’t in fashion anymore! What’s on-trend now – beautiful firm thighs and flawless curves!

With this stimulating cream from TianDe, you’ll be delighted by the look of your thighs and the condition of your skin. This product has a marked warming affect – its effect on the body is like a thermoactive micro-massage that’s simply a must for “problem” thighs and buttocks.

Don’t forget that the outward appearance of your buttocks and thighs is largely determined by the condition of your skin. If it’s well-toned and properly hydrated, any bumps on its surface will be a lot less noticeable. All it takes is for the skin to lose its suppleness and elasticity and the “orange-peel” skin comes into full view. So, one of our primary tasks is to get our skin in shape – and this task will be handled superbly by the natural botanical composition of this Stimulating Cream for Perfect Thighs from TianDe. Focusing on their mission, with each passing day the active components make your skin more flawless, and your figure – more perfect.


Apply the stimulating cream to your thighs and buttocks, wait until it soaks in completely. For an intensified effect, after applying the cream wrap your thighs in cling-film, put on some thick leggings and start doing your exercises.