Gentle Sage Delicate Shampoo

Gentle Sage Delicate Shampoo


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Does your hair tend to be oily? Tired of washing your hair so much? Gentle Sage shampoo from the My Family Care line will help you fix the problem! Healing herbal extracts have a gentle effect on the scalp and hairbed, returning them to a fresh, well-groomed look.

The fresh aroma of sage with smoky, ambery notes have a calming effect while creating a sense of coolness. Plunge head-first into the aroma of the mysterious enchanted forest!

Gentle Sage Delicate Shampoo will suit the tastes of everyone in the family! And that means great savings on the family budget for quality care.

The My Family Care line is a quality range of basic products FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY at a super-economical price!