Tiande Active Life Gel enriched with arginine and glycine, 21x8g

Tiande Active Life Gel enriched with arginine and glycine, 21x8g


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Supplements. It is not a medicine.

The life of modern man is going on in a hurry. Many are striving to achieve the goal, not sparing their own strength. Work takes up most of the time, but you need to pay attention to the family and communicate with friends. Life in such a rhythm leads to stress, so to support the body should take a complex of vitamins and minerals. Gel with arginine and glycine is an excellent tool for maintaining your health.

To always be in excellent shape, you should carry out a complex intake of arginine and glycine, which will fill the body with strength, will give a charge of vivacity and good mood. He will take care of the well-being of middle-aged and elderly people, save from extra pounds. Daily intake of glycine and arginine will fill life with joyful moments. Your life will become brighter and more positive, do not miss the moment!

The gel with arginine and glycine will provide the body with necessary and useful substances:

- L-arginine increases endurance and immunity and protects the skin from premature aging;

- glycine - increases vitality and releases a hormone of joy;

- vitamin B5 combines the action of the two components and greatly enhances the effect.

The substance L-arginine refers to amino acids that are partially present in the body, but in small doses, so stocks need to be replenished regularly. To receive it additionally, you should consume foods enriched with the substance, including dietary supplements.

Beneficial features:

- promotes rapid healing of wounds;

- Supports immunity and hormonal function of the body;

- dilates the blood vessels, preventing the formation of blood clots;

- stabilizes the level of sugar in the blood;

- reduces the amount of cholesterol;

- reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease;

- helps to lower blood pressure;

- stimulates the production of testosterone.

If the body is disturbed by the metabolism, which happens in the presence of certain diseases, there is an acute shortage of L-arginine. With age, the number of amino acids becomes smaller, then we should replenish supplies from outside. To the body functioned smoothly, you need to take supplements. The gel with arginine and glycine is your indispensable assistant.

Products with L-arginine content:

- walnuts and pine nuts;

- almonds;

- pumpkin seeds;

- sesame seeds;

- seafood;

- beef and pork;

- a hen:

- dairy;

- chicken eggs;

- The salmon.

The need for obtaining arginine increases with increased physical exertion, for example, in athletes. Under its influence, muscle tissues are more actively saturated with oxygen, it has the ability to burn fat, reduces stretch marks and eliminates cellulite.
What is the use of glycine?

Glycine increases the brain activity of the body, improves memory, regulates nerve impulses, which contributes to psychological balance. The substance belongs to the category of amino acids and is produced by the body on its own.

Beneficial features:

Improves mood;

- normalizes sleep;

- has anti-inflammatory effect;

- increases efficiency;

- reduces the impact of toxins.

The life of a modern person is full of stresses - this is due to a frantic rhythm: you want to have a lot of time, and time is not enough, there are experiences for any occasion. As a result, the body experiences stress, decreases efficiency, memory deteriorates and sleep quality decreases. To maintain the body in tone, you should take glycine.

Products with glycine content:

- quail eggs;

- pumpkin seeds;

- ginger;

- peanuts;

- pistachios;

- leguminous crops.

Daily intake of glycine improves mental abilities, normalizes metabolism, raises the mood.

Vitamin B5 is present in almost all foods, but the body suffers from its shortage. With its insufficient quantity, there are disruptions in the digestive system, immunity suffers. In a gel with glycine and L-arginine, this vitamin significantly enhances the effect of the components, gives extra energy to the body and increases its endurance.

In the complex of active ingredients from Tiande all the ingredients are perfectly balanced. It will allow you to cope with stress, which means it will improve your health. You will be full of strength and energy, have a lot of time and look great.

The daily intake of the drug is 1 sachet per day, only 8 grams of a pleasant gel. In one package 21 sachets and this is enough for the passage of the health course. Take care of yourself!