Tiande Date Night à la Française Facial Mask

Tiande Date Night à la Française Facial Mask


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Getting ready for a date is a responsible task. Everything must be perfect, starting from your skin!

Date Night à la Français Facial Mask by TianDe from the new In Top youth collection will help you get ready for the day of your life!

If the night before was longer than you've planned, don't worry – our new mask by TianDe will easily erase any signs of fatigue. It provides intense hydration and prevents shedding.

Incredible freshness and glow! That's what a young skin needs!


Put the textile side of the mask onto the clean face with upward movements, gradually removing the opalescent cover. Remove the mask in 15-20 minutes, rinse the face with water or gently massage it until the product fully absorbs.