Tiande Complex Care Phyto Toothpaste

Tiande Complex Care Phyto Toothpaste


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Strong, healthy teeth are a distinctive feature of a successful individual! If your teeth are far from ideal, it’s high time to visit your dentist. And in order to prevent problems in your oral cavity, use Complex Care Phyto Toothpaste Dr. Taiga.

The toothpaste is based on natural kaolin and taiga plants and herb extracts and will help your teeth stay strong and healthy as well as solve gum problems.

- Prevents gum problems and cavities;
- strengthens tooth enamel, improves gum tone;
- makes your breath fresh.

THE PRODUCT IS FLUORINE, PARABENS, SLS, FLAVOURING AGENTS AND SYNTHETIC DYES FREE. There are natural SAA (surface active agents) in it affecting the enamel in the most gentle way. A nice natural aroma is provided by natural oils and extracts and not flavouring agents.

This toothpaste is from the Dr. Taiga product line. One can find really unique plants and herbs in the taiga, with enormous healing power. We picked out the best of them and made the oral cavity series. These products will care for your snow-white smile and health of your gums.


Brush your teeth 2 times a day. Don’t swallow.